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EXCLUSIVE: Serial cheater Kris Jenner was caught in friend's home gym having sex with her personal trainer while married to Robert Kardashian - who she bedded for first time when engaged to another man

2020.04.23 06:48 nebulousstorms EXCLUSIVE: Serial cheater Kris Jenner was caught in friend's home gym having sex with her personal trainer while married to Robert Kardashian - who she bedded for first time when engaged to another man

EXCLUSIVE: Serial cheater Kris Jenner was caught in friend's home gym having sex with her personal trainer while married to Robert Kardashian - who she bedded for first time when engaged to another man
  • New York Times-bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer is telling all about Kris Jenner in 'Kardashians: An American Drama,' which is out in September
  • Kris Jenner was just 17 when she began dating professional golfer Cesar Sanudo, who proposed to her soon after her 19th birthday
  • Sanudo was 11 years older than Kris and let her live in his home while he was on tour, which is where she took Robert Kardashian after their first date
  • Kris was caught red-handed by Sanudo when he came home unannounced, and later told friends he found her naked in his bed with that 'sleazy Armenian'
  • Sanudo would later claim that Kris stole $30,000 worth of gold he had collected over the years during the time she lived with him, according to the book
  • Kris was also caught by Robert's best friend Larry Kraines as she had a mid-afternoon romp with her trainer Todd Waterman in Kraines' home gym
The daily drama and constant make-ups and break-ups that some of Kris Jenner's six children go through on a near-weekly basis are nothing compared to their mother's sexual hijinks.
In his new book 'Kardashians: An American Drama' from St. Martin's Press, which will hit bookshelves in September, New York Times bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer details the many relationships of the former Kris Houghton, and how the teenage golf-groupie became the head of a billion-dollar empire.
The book also includes scandalous new details about Kris' many affairs, and interviews with the men and women who caught her in the act as well as childhood friends who reveal that Kris was schooled in the art of seduction under the tutelage of her mother Mary Jo Shannon.
And if illicit romances and passionate romps are not enough, there is also a still-unsolved $30,000 jewel heist that many peg on Kris, according to the book.
Kris' interest in men started at a young age according to her friends, and with a bit of an assist from her mother.
'The way I knew Kris, she was a good person and then something happened,' explains Joan Zimmerman.

New York Times-bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer is telling all about Kris Jenner in 'Kardashians: An American Drama,' which is out in September
'She changed and we weren't seeing much of each other. She was pursuing something else.'
Zimmerman then adds: 'I don't want to use a bad term, but I think her mom was pimping her out.'
This sudden shift came about in the 11th grade according to Zimmerman, who prior to that had been Kris' closest friend.
Even though she was close to Kris however, Zimmerman claims she never really got a chance to get to know mom Mary Jo, who by that time was married to businessman Harry Shannon.
'I knew there was a mom, and I knew she had rules in the house for Kris, but she never interacted with us,' says Zimmerman, who later explains that the 'family was just very private, and Kris kind of lived within those rules.'
Kris' father Robert Houghton was also not in the picture, having disappeared from her life after divorcing her mother when she was just 7, leaving her mother to raise Kris and her younger sister Karen.
That brought Kris and Mary Jo closer, and by the time she was 16 the two ladies began spending their weekends together at Rancho La Costa.
It was there that Kris learned how to socialize with rich and older men while also developing a fondness for golf - and golfers.
Zimmerman says that by her final year at Claremont high school Kris had left her behind and forged a new friendship with a popular cheerleader who had just graduated from the school, Debbie Mungle.
The two became so close that they decided to take off for Hawaii after Kris graduated, and it was not long after they arrived that Kris snagged herself a man with a bit of fame and fortune.
Kris, who was still just 17, began dating professional golfer Cesar Sanudo, who at 28 was more than a decade older than the recent high school graduate.
Kris Jenner was just 17 when she began dating professional golfer Cesar Sanudo, who proposed to her soon after her 19th birthday.

The two met at the Hawaiian Open in 1973, and according to Sanudo's daughter Amber Carrilo, her father had no idea that he was striking up a romance with a teenager.
'He told me she told him she was twenty-one, but she was only seventeen, or just about ready to turn eighteen,' says Carillo.
'He said she fabricated things and didn't really talk about where she came from, about who her real father was, details like that.'
She also claims Kris 'was being groomed at home' at the time from what she understood.
'She wanted to be mature and be a golf groupie and try to find a man who had money, that whole thing of just climb the ladder, try to find somebody who was going to get her where she needed to be, wherever that was.'
Kris was travelling the world with Sanudo by the next year as she followed him on the tour, and when she skipped out on tournaments she would stay at his San Diego home.
Then, soon after she turned 19, Sanudo popped the question and Kris said yes according to a number of the golfer's friends.
It was around that same time that Kris also met Robert Kardashain and the Armenian lawyer quickly to a shine to the teenager.
Kris was still focused on Sanudo however, and says they were almost married in Great Britain during the 1975 Open.
The wedding was not to be however, and nor was the engagement, with Kris slowly growing closer and closer to Robert until she finally decided to go out on a date with him while Sanudo was out of town.
After dinner and a few sodas it was back to Sanudo's pad for a little post-movie magic.
Kris claimed in her 2011 memoir that she and Robert were 'messing around and heading in the direction of some major hanky panky' when Sanudo arrived home, referring to the golfer as Anthony in the book.
"Thanks god we had our clothes on,' added Kris of the soon-to-be highly-devout couple.
But that was not the case, according to Sanudo's good friend and fellow tour player Jack Spradlin who was interviewed by Oppenheimer.
He says that Sanuto was very clear in his version of events, telling all of his friends: 'I was out of town and I came home and I caught Kris and Kardashian in bed.'
This was the cleaned-up retelling of the story, with an unnamed friend later adding that he was told: I found that b**** in bed with that sleazy Armenian. I could have killed the motherf***er.'
Spradlin and Sanuto's daughter also dismissed Kris' claims that the golfer ever cheated on her, with Carrillo adding that he her dad was 'very, very hurt by what Kris did' and 'pretty messed up about it for a 'long, long time.'
Carrillo also claims that Kris left with some very expensive tokens when she got kicked to the curb for her adulterous ways.
'My dad had gold bullion, gold coins, and one day, a couple of weeks after Kris left, my dad went to look for them and they were gone,' says Carrillo.
'Sometime later he said he had run into Kris' mom and he saw that she was wearing a bracelet that had three gold coins on it, and my dad thought they were from his collection.'
Sanudo told the same story to his brother Rudy, and according to Spradline even called Kris a number of times to accuse her of stealing his pricey collection of golden treasures and demanding their return.
Kris eventually married Robert in 1978 and the two went on to have four children: Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob.
They were wealthy, had great friends and were living the high life in Beverly Hills, but Kris still could not control her cheating ways.
Robert got his karmic retribution for sleeping with the fiance of another man, in the form of personal trainer Todd Waterman.
And for their secret romps, she picked the home gym of her husband's best friend Larry Kraines.
Kris would claim she was working out there on most afternoons, but Larry was forced to confront her and caught her in the act after being told by his housekeeper 'that they were doing something bad' and it was 'very quiet down there in the gym.'
Kraines says he did not told Robert, and Kris never actually admitted to the affair even after he caught her in the act.
He gave up the secret however when Robert himself asked his friends if he knew about Kris' relationship with Waterman, calling it 'f***ing bulls***.'.
Kraines says Robert also revealed that he had confronted the man, at which point Kris told Kraines and his wife Joyce the she 'regretted' her decision.
Kris then continued having an affair with Waterman, claims the author.
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2019.12.03 03:55 FlyingMonkeyCat People who are not considered physically attractive by society means should stop using and complaining about people on online dating apps of not giving them a chance

This girl I know made a Facebook post a few days ago complaining among the numerous messages she sent out on this dating app, no one has returned her messages. She then complains about that she knows she’s no Kardashain, but all the guys should really lower their standards and stop chasing all the hot girls, and if they give her a chance, they might like her.
Here’s the thing, it’s been known that online dating apps lean towards the shallow spectrum. Most people on there judge based on looks. The more you use the app and the more you get rejected, the more it hurts your self esteem.
Look elsewhere. Join interest groups. That way you’ll connect with people not based on a superficial level.
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2019.10.18 21:38 TorontoRaptors34 What are your thoughts on Age Gap Relationships?

Since the Kardashains are well known for dating younger.
Hell this stems way back to Robert Sr basically forcing Kris to date him when he was 28 and she was 17!
Kris is in full cougar mode right now
Kourtney is also in borderline cougar mode
Same With Scott being a a high key creep
Khloe's baby daddy is an idiot and a total coward who cheated on her most of their relationship even after the madness made out with Jayden and also Tristan is a straight clown.
And Kim before Kanye dated a Reggie Bush and Kris Humphries just a few years younger.
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2015.02.02 17:50 namesflory I dont understand why people hate Kim Kardashian

Okay I really have to get this off my chest. I really just don't get it. Why do people hate Kim Kardashian? It's weird how much people are willing to go out of their way, in order to hate her. Lets just look at the facts:
Her Father was a celebrity/ high profile lawyer. That's why the Kardashians are rich. No matter how you want to put it. It all started with her father being who he was. He worked for it.
Ray J was her {Boyfriend}. Not a random guy. Not a guy she was hooking up with. Ray J was her boyfriend. She made a sex tape with her boyfriend, Ray J. I've made tapes with gf's. So what?
The tape got leaked. Whether it was on purpose or accidentally, once something gets leaked to the internet, there's literally no going back. You can't take it back. So what do you do? Cry about it? Nah, she decided to say fuck it. If people are going to see the video, you mind as well get paid for it. She did. She made 6 million dollars. I could think of a lot of things I would do for 1 million dollars. Making a sex tape would be a no brainer. Who hasn't watched porn at least once? Lets be real here.
She took the 6 million she made from that and flipped it into several businesses, including a spin off reality show. All that got her a net worth to over 60 million dollars. If I could sell a video of me and end up with 60 million dollars, I sure as hell would. You can apologize later for it. Even if people want to say she's famous for a dumb reason, you have to at least acknowledge the fact that she has somewhat of a business mind.
People say she's a hoe. Is she really though? Since Ray J she's only dated 3 guys. Chris Humpries, Reggie Bush, and Kanye. In about 7 years she's only dated 3 guys. How is that a hoe?
Okay she's famous for having a nice body. Is that wrong? I thought that was the job description of a model. She gets paid to take pictures so, yes, technically she is a model. She also has a cult following for the clothes she wears, which means shes a fashionista. Yes people get paid to wear certain clothing. Again, that's business.
So with all things considered, why is it that we hate Kim Kardashian? Are we somehow better than her? Why so? Like the passage says, "Let he who is free of sin, throw the first stone"
Sorry to write a dissertation about Kim Kardashain but it's just kind of irrational and irritating how strong the hive mentality is.
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2012.02.09 02:46 slutshame how do i stop letting love run my life?

I focus so much on love, I joke with my friends that I suffer from Kim Kardashain syndrome. I can't focus on anything else in my life if my love life is messed up. A guy I've been dating for 2 weeks started ignoring me and I've been crying all day because of it. I'm also having major PMS, so I'm not quite sure I would've taken it this badly had my hormones not been so out of wack, but that's besides the point.
I'm intelligent, and I know living my life this way is wrong, but I don't know how to stop it. I'm only 20, and it's exhausting going through men and getting so wrapped up in the possibilities and then getting crushed whenever it ends. My parents weren't very loving as I was growing up, so I'm assuming I'm filling that void with men, but I'm tired of it. How do I learn to love myself enough to not need male attention? I feel like I have to sleep with a guy I'm interested in immediately, and I tell myself it's because I have a healthy view of sex, but maybe it's because I don't think he'll stay interested if I don't have sex with him? I don't have many friends, so most of my free time is spent trying to find men through online dating. I'm not in college this semester, so I can't really find friends that way...what do I do?
TL;DR: I've let my focus on love run my life, how do I learn to focus on myself, raise my self-worth, and find friends so I can be happy without a man?
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